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4 Ways We’ve Improved Working With Real Estate Agents

Zachary Bleznick

Apply Here Now Whether you're buying, selling, refinancing, or building your dream home, you have a lot riding on your loan specialist...

Apply Here Now Whether you're buying, selling, refinancing, or building your dream home, you have a lot riding on your loan specialist...

Nov 19 2 minutes read

 Real estate agents may from time to time get a cash buyer, but in most instances buyers are taking out loans. This requires a loan officer’s help. And just as real estate agents need loan officers to sell homes, loan officers need homebuyers to stay in business. Long-term relationships with and referrals from real estate agents help loan officers keep volume up,  which means it is important for loan officers to know how to cultivate these relationships.

Here are 4 ways we have helped build a foundation and improve interactions with real estate agents, as well as help THEM stand out from the competition.

1. We've realized we’re on the same team

Ultimately lenders and real estate agents are on the same team. One of the ways we started to work better with real estate agents was by approaching them like we were both on the same team. We were surprised at how many were eager to work with us! Real estate agents ultimately want to make their clients happy, and they were glad to push business our way, knowing we were there to help them do that.

2. We hold ourselves accountable

Being honest and holding ourselves accountable,  we were able to develop strong business relationships even when things may not go according to plan. It’s all about clear communication. Any chance to reduce uncertainty is beneficial to the agents we work with. By being accountable and dependable, we can work better with real estate agents.

3. We've established a system for communication

Communication is just as important as accountability. Real estate agents and their clients eagerly anticipate news from us, and the longer we go without communicating, the harder the situation becomes for the agent.

4. Using social media to help each other

One of the best things both real estate agents and loan officers can do to communicate more effectively and grow their brands is to have a presence on social media and we do a wonderful job at this by social media marketing and advertising.

Nurturing Quality Relationships

In lending, just as it is in real estate, it is important to treat people as well as you can. We do what we say we’re going to do. We avoid promising what we can’t deliver and we maintain clear communication throughout the entire transaction.

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