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Homeowner Tips For Hurricane Season

With Hurricane season coming up to its peak time in September, we thought it would be a perfect time to share some homeowner hurricane safety tips! However the Atlantic  hurricane season runs from the beginning of June until the end of November, just keep that in mind. 

Before providing tips, let’s take a look at the hurricane hotspots in the United States. Here are the top 10 locations that are hit the most historically. 


  • Florida*
  • Texas 
  • North Carolina*
  • Louisiana*
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama*
  • Georgia 
  • Mississippi*
  • New York
  • Massachusetts

The states listed with * next to it are the states we are currently licensed in! 

Here’s some hurricane safety tips, you definitely want to keep reading if you live in any of those 10 states! The NOAA predicts this 2021 season to be 60% above normal. Let’s get you prepared this season!

Boarding up your home: This is critical to preserve as much of your property incase of a hurricane threat. Be sure to count all the windows and doors throughout your home that contain glass. If you live in a high risk location, you may want to invest in storm shutters. If you don’t use storm shutters you can buy plywood to protect any glass and vulnerable openings during a storm. Be sure to measure your windows and doors and allow the wood to cover a little more than what you measured, just to be safe to allow overlap. If you have a garage, you could purchase a metal brace to secure the door. If not you could even cover the garage door with plywood as well. 

Roof and gutters: This is very important because hurricanes bring a lot of RAIN! You want to make sure everything is securely attached and there are no clogs in your gutters. And most importantly, no cracks or holes in your roof! 

Cleaning up the yard: Highly recommend trimming trees and bushes. Take away dead branches and pick up anything in your yard that would get damaged due to high winds! Bring in potted plants and lawn/patio furniture inside your home. 

Flood prevention: Pile up sandbags along doors and openings on your home if you live in an area that’s likely to have a lot of flooding. You can caulk your home, this is a great way to waterproof and seal up any openings. Do a walk through and look around doors and windows that need to be sealed. 

Be sure to have all of this on hand when a storm is spotted your way. Protect your home and your family this storm season! Don’t wait until the last minute you want to be safe and prepared! 

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