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How To Transform Your Backyard For The Cooler Months

Let’s talk about transforming your backyard to be the perfect spot! With the weather cooling down and the rainy season (if you’re located in Florida) coming to an end, it’s time to take advantage of your outdoor space. With a few small additions— such as string lights, a fire pit and a projector— you can turn your backyard into the perfect fall oasis you’ll never want to leave. Why venture out when you can say hello to a fun-filled night in the comfort of your own yard?!

String lights: String lights are a great way to light up the backyard without being too bright. You can even get solar powered ones to cut down on your electrical costs. They provide a relaxing mood. Why not make your backyard a cozy hangout spot?


Fire pits: When it comes to outdoor fire pits that normally means….SMORES! Once the sun sets, all you’ll have to do is grab your ingredients and a roasting stick to get the fun started. Not only does having a fire pit help you make great snacks, it’s also a nice opportunity to spend time with family and friends outdoors. There’s nothing quite like sitting under your string lights at night and listening to the sound of the burning firewood with great company—you can even bring out your speaker to turn the party up a notch. For those of you with children, they’ll love enjoying the outdoors with you right from the comfort of their home too.


Projector: This is an awesome feature to have in your backyard and it’s not very expensive either. You can find decently priced projectors for less than $100 and you often don’t need to purchase a projection screen (unless you’re looking for an over-the-top experience). Instead, head over to your local thrift store (or any bedding store) and purchase a white sheetit’s likely you may even have extra sheets in a closet somewhere in your home that you’re not using anymore. Whether  it’s a night with loved ones or simply a night alone, why not spice up movie night and take it outdoors? 

Enjoy your new hangout space and get creative with your backyard. After all, that’s one of the biggest perks of purchasing a home: the ability to customize your spaces!

If you decide to take our advice, post your pictures on Facebook or Instagram and Tag us! We can’t wait to see how to transform your space.
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