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How long have you worked for Home1st?

I have worked for Home1stgoing on 2 years now.

What did you want to be when you “grow up”?

When I grew up, I originally wanted to be an engineer working at Lockheed Martin. After touring their facility, I realized it was more assembly line work and less Tony Stark like I had envisioned so I decided to get my bachelor’s in finance instead.

What piece of advice would you give your 10-years younger self? 

10 years ago, I would have told young Matt to not worry so much about what’s happening with other people. Focus on your own development and people will come to you.

What word would you use to describe this chapter of your life? 

This chapter in my life is one of growth and foundation. I am building up the rock on which the rest of my life will be built. Pushing the limits of what I can do so that when I am older, I can slow down and enjoy my hard work.

What’s your favorite quote? 

I have two quotes I love:
“A good plan aggressively executed today is better than a great plan executed next week” and “Even in the smallest places entire worlds may exist, if not in one’s surroundings then behind another’s eye. It is only cramped if you lack vision”

What are some of your other passions/hobbies? 

Outside of HFL I have my own company I have been working to build up. I love working on it since it is a business surrounding my main hobby of Airsoft. I also paint models, run, and enjoy doing various outdoor activities.

Why Home1st?

Home1st has been one of the best opportunities of my life. The company values its employees and actually listens to their feedback and ideas. I was able to develop workflow improvements as a ground floor employee that actually changed how we do business. Home1st also gave me the chance to lead at such a young age which is a massive show of faith and value in myself. This is across the board as every person in the company is treated like family in the truest sense. The company is guided by morals not profit and I enjoy every day I come to work.

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