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Pros Of Moving Into A HOA Neighborhood

Thinking about moving into a HOA neighborhood but not quite sure? We’re here to help provide some insight by listing the pros for you! Florida has roughly about 48,500 neighborhoods with HOA’s. 

First, let’s dive into what exactly a HOA is, which is a homeowners association. These private organizations were created to maintain public areas in the neighborhood such as roads, parks and pools. They also create and enforce rules in the community. If you were to purchase a property in a neighborhood with a HOA there are certain fees that are mandatory.


  • Lawn Service-  Purchasing a property with a lawn can have its perks! Some HOA’s offer lawn services which saves time and allows you to do other things in your free time rather than yard work! They can even save you money…. No more purchasing lawn care tools like a lawn mower and having to pay to fix it, if it ever were to break down. Of course, for all you gardeners out there you are generally allowed to personalize certain parts of your property. Just be sure to look into the HOA policies on landscaping. Lawn services can typically include pest control, irrigation watering and sometimes trimming shrubs! This can be a huge pro, definitely check out the community’s lawn care service offerings because they all vary!


  • Property Value-  Investing in a home that’s a part of an HOA can increase your property’s value! In case, the home you purchase isn’t your forever home and you decide to sell later down the road you can get a decent return on your investment. Almost all HOAs have rules about how your house looks…’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is everything in these communities and they will enforce it.   The community’s amenities can also boost your property’s value depending on what they have to offer and how well they are maintained.

    Think about it like this, Property value can be a pro because if you were to move into a neighborhood without an HOA, there is no required curb appeal. Your neighbors could have the worst maintained yard or even the house maintenance itself might not be up to date. Would you choose a house in a neighborhood where your neighbors don’t maintain their property?

  • Gated Community- Gated communities offer more privacy for residents from the public. By having the gated community it regulates who is allowed to be let into the neighborhood. This can definitely be a pro if you have children by blocking people who shouldn’t be in your neighborhood in the first place. In a neighborhood that isn’t gated, people can come and go as they please even if they aren’t invited. 

  • Amenities- Huge plus! Take advantage of them… you’re paying for them. Very common in most Florida communities that they have amenities such as pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, golf courses, fitness centers and neighborhood parks. These are just some examples and it depends on the community. All HOA communities are different and have their own set of amenities. This also allows you to get to know your neighbors in the community! These are only offered to residents and their guests!  Amenities will also be maintained by the HOA as well

  • HOA Board- The community is ran by residents! There typically is a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary on the board. These are all voted positions. You have the opportunity to join the board and help create and enforce the community rules. They also collect member dues, brainstorm ideas to help improve the community and hold member meetings for the community to share their ideas. If you ever have an issue with a neighbor and want assistance the HOA board will step in and help resolve issues. The board also can organize community events for the members that neighborhoods without HOAs don’t offer. 

Keep in mind all the pros listed above will not be in every neighborhood. Be sure to do your own research with the examples from above in mind. Check out part two, Cons Of Moving Into A HOA Neighborhood:

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