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Why Purchase A Home Before The End Of The Year?

When you think about buying a home, what time of the year do you think about? Spring or summer? If so, you’re in the majority. These seasons are hot times to purchase a home. Buyers tend to choose those times of year because many have children and it makes moving easier in the summer since the kids are on summer break. However, with it being a hot market, there is more competition too! Let’s break down why buying a home at the end of year instead could be a right move for you!

Competition-  Is LESS!! As stated above, the Fall/ Winter season isn’t prime time selling and buying but you can totally use that to your advantage. With there being less buyers you have more time to explore your market and be able to find the house that works best for you. With less buyers that means most sellers will be eager to sell their home. Timing- Sellers are typically on a time schedule going into the final months of the year. They want to sell their home before the holidays and before the new year! This can be great as a buyer because there typically are some tax benefits when buying so late in the year, but be sure to discuss further details with a financial expert.

Another bonus that combines competition and timing is that your realtor and lenders aren’t as busy as they were during the spring and summer season. With less competition, it means your home buying professionals have more time to spend 1 on 1 with you to discuss your goals, budget and even better negotiate down payments/ closing costs! Your home buying experts have always been on your side, but this time of the year they have more time to spend with their clients.

Waiting- If you decide to wait until the spring or summer, you might lose money or lose out on a perfect opportunity. If you have no reason to wait for the spring and summer then why wait? Think about it, in the cooler months you will have more time to shop and explore rather than finding a home and having to make an offer right away. The 2021 housing market has been pretty wild with bidding wars and homes sold when they didn’t even hit the market yet. If you want more time to spend shopping with less competition, this could be your season to shine and grab the house of your dreams! 

Don’t forget to get that pre-approval letter before shopping around! Our 60-second qualifier tool located on the right side of your screen…how convenient 🙂 

Happy house hunting!

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