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Cons Of Moving Into A HOA Neighborhood

Thinking about moving into an HOA neighborhood but not quite sure? We’re here to help provide some insight by listing the cons for you! Down below are just a few cons of moving into a HOA neighborhood. 


  • FEES- Monthly, quarterly or even annual fees! Again, it varies depending on the community. Typically when speaking fees, the more amenities offered, the higher the fees will be. Basically, you get what you pay for. Fees can start at $100 and can go up depending on the specific HOA’s fee policy. While lawn care and pest care are often included in your fees, do remember that you are going to be paying for the convenience of having those extra services. In general, some fees may be entirely too expensive for some people—especially those who just saved up for their down payments and closing costs and now they have additional costs to add to their monthly bills. So, just be sure to look into the fees amount, what they cover and how often you need to submit your dues. Keep these in mind when budgeting for a home in an HOA. 

  • Restrictions- Restrictions, restrictions! So important we have to mention it multiple times! This is something to really keep in mind in these communities as they control where guests are allowed to park, how many guests you’re allowed to have over and noise policies. Thinking about decorating for the holidays? Be sure to look over the rules and regulations — many communities will restrict the way you can personalize your home. Some communities even have a list of landscape items you’re allowed to add to your yard yourself (and of course, the items you aren’t allowed to add). Break the rules…. HOAs can fine you for not following their rules. Additionally, some neighborhoods can even have restrictions if you plan on renting your property in the future. Another big restriction? Some HOAs can have pet policies which can include, but are not limited to, owning a pet, the breed of the pet and the size of the animal. These are just a few things to keep in mind.

  • HOA Board- Just like everything in life, nothing is perfect. We mentioned this again because we wanted you to keep in mind that management of the board can be flawed. Some people who sign up may not have enough time and in their day to focus on the community needs. It’s not their number one priority and there’s also a chance the members can play favorites. Be sure to see exactly how the neighborhood is run and look into the board’s neighborhood objectives for the community. 

  • Close Neighbors- We mentioned above that living in a gated community can allow more privacy from the public. Once you’re in the gated community, be sure to pay attention to how close your houses are together. Typically builders put the houses closer together to allow as much housing as possible in the community. If you’re looking for more privacy from your neighbors, you’re not going to get it in an HOA neighborhood. 

With all the information listed above, it’s time for you to make your own decision! If you’re a rule follower and only certain cons apply to you, your decision might be easier. Living in an HOA is not for everyone, be sure to do your research on the community and take a tour! Get a feel for the overall neighborhood. After all, purchasing a home is a HUGE financial investment and you do not want to make a poor decision. 

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